Wikku would be included in the category of "Digital Asset Managers", which sounds very cool, but we are going to simplify it by explaining that Wikku is a "platform" where you can archive all the documentation generated by each customization job in business like screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, sign-makers, workwear, promotional gifts, merchandising, sports apparel, marketing agencies, visual communication and any business that offers personalised products or services to its clients.

Wikku allows you to have all this unified business information instead of having it dispersed in files from the design department, emails, handwritten notes from production staff and photographs on different devices of colleagues who no longer even work with us. Wikku centralizes all this information.

Wikku allows you to archive this information in an organized and hierarchical way at the following levels:

  • Customer: It is the first level, here we would archive, for example, the corporate brand book that the client sends us and that, to understand us, affects all the levels that follow.

  • Job: This level represents each “different” job that we do for a client and here we can define on which product and variant (usually color) is applied. At this level we would archive the simulation or mockup that we send to the client. An example of work could be "Polo Shirt - Fruit of the Loom - Tesla Production Workers".

  • Task: Finally, a job can be composed of several tasks and each of them represents the customization or even manipulation techniques that the client has requested. In the previous example of the Tesla workers polo shirt, the first task would be a chest embroidery, the second task would be a screen printed logo on back and then we could add individual folding or even bagging as additional tasks.

In addition, to each of these tasks we can assign 'positions' (where exactly we apply the customization), 'colors' of a certain color chart of inks, embroidery threads, vinyls, etc ... and any additional properties that we want to create and set up. Here we would archive photoliths, embroidery files and the real photos of the result of each task (final photos of the embroidery, screen printing or even folding and bagging).

One of the main aims on Wikku is that when a customer requests a repetition of a work within six months or a year, we can repeat it exactly without problems, as the first time, without incidents and, again, to the total satisfaction of the customer.

This Customer-Job-Task tiered structure is the core concept on Wikku's operations.